Federal Benefits Class
An in-depth course on your Federal Employee Benefits.

Taught by Federal Employee Specialists Floyd Shilanski RFC® and Micah Shilanski CFP®.

Attended by Federal Employees who want to feel they can retire with confidence.
April 12, 2023

In-person Class
Now In Alaska
TIME 08:00 AM - 04:00 PM

If you have ever had a question about how your benefits work, chances are we have the answers.

Our Federal Employee Specialists will take you on a deep dive through these benfits. 



vs. Reality


FERS Annuity Benefit & Survivor Benefits




Thrift Savings Plan




Care Insurance




Health Insurance 





It is hard to believe that planning your retirement can be so complex! Planning your career took less strategy than knowing how and when to retire.

Even something as simple as choosing the right retirement date can be daunting.

Is it December, June, the 1st of the month the 30th of the month?

There are so many decisions to be made when planning to retire from Federal Service.

We want you to make the most informed decisions possible so that when you retire, you have all the information you need. That is why we are hosting a one-day, live, and in-person training program for Federal Employees and their spouses.
What You will Learn:
  • Assess your retirement income needs and how your FERS Annuity will provide for you
  • How and when to take social security - what do you gain or give up in choosing the date to draw?
  • ​What happens with your Healthcare when you are Medicare eligible
  • How the TSP works as you approach retirement and IN retirement
  • ​Use federal tax laws to your advantage
  • ​Make wise use of your employer - provided benefits
  • ​Protect yourself and your family from economic catastrophes
  • How to leave your survivors with benefits.
Federal Employees of all agencies are welcome to attend.

Feds are encouraged to register their Spouse
or Significant Other to attend.
In a world where so much information about your benefits and retirement is readily available, it can be hard to know how to put all the puzzle pieces together.

That is why this April, we are offering you the opportunity to come and learn from the acclaimed Federal Employee benefits experts at Plan Your Federal Retirement.
You can enroll in this one-day program, but it won’t
last long. Because Plan Your Federal Retirement is so passionate about their work and how they teach people, the class will be limited to 30 attendees.

Do not miss your chance to participate in the most dynamic in-person workshop in the federal employee space.
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Survivor benefits, beneficiaries, wills… 
it doesn't have to be complicated. 

It just has to be done.

Ready to learn from the best in the industry? The experts at Plan Your Federal Retirement have taught Federal Employees about their benefits for decades.

You know from listening to their podcasts, watching their videos on Youtube, or seeing them in articles that no one is more excited to teach Federal Employees about their benefits.

Plan Your Federal Retirement is on a mission. We want to help 1 Million Federal Employees learn about their retirement, but we cannot reach that goal alone.

Share this information with just ONE person who may benefit from our content. One person may learn something they didn’t know before.

Your Federal Employee Benefit Specialists

Our Federal Employee Specialists
Spend Hundreds of Hours Every Year Learning about YOUR Benefits.

They meet with Federal Employees, HR Departments and OPM to get tough, complex questions answered so that Feds can learn about critical information regarding their benefits. 
Floyd L. Shilanski RFC®
Founder of Shilanski & Associates Inc., 

Floyd has been a trusted resource and advocate for Federal Employees since the 1980s. 

He has helped Federal Employees understand how to optimize their benefits and make critical decisions about Social Security benefits throughout his career.
Micah Shilanski, CFP®
Shilanski & Associates

Micah can be seen across the country and mentioned in Congressional Meetings about how to help Federal Employees learn about their Benefits.
Christian Sakamoto,CFP®
Shilanski & Associates,

Christian has spent hundreds of hours researching and working with Federal Employees about their retirement options.
Save Your Seat Before It's Too Late


  • Are you prepared financially?
  • ​Is your spouse ready?
  • ​Where will you live?
  • ​Will your income at retirement be adequate to meet your needs?
  • ​Will you be able to protect your purchasing power from inflation?
  • ​Will you be adequately protected from risks that could destroy your financial security?
  • ​Will your family be adequately provided for after your death?
After 8 Hours of Learning about their Benefits most Federal Employees say 
that this program was just the information they had been looking for.

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