4 Steps you can take in 2023 
to get ready

You spend your entire life working to get here. 
How much time will you put into ensuring you’re prepared for Retirement? 
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Due to high demand, this opportunity will be available longer than initially planned. 
Join us and use 2023 to plan for your retirement with our help. 
This offer expires at midnight, December the 2nd. 

What Will You Get?

For the price of $129 only, you will be able to gain access to the most sought-after Federal Employee webinars of 2023:
#1 Live Webinar: What Is The Best Day To Retire?
Time: 03/01/2023
#2 Live Webinar: 3 Most Common Mistakes FEDs Make
Time: 05/18/2023
#3 Live Webinar: How To Use TSP In Retirement 
Time: 06/28/2023
#4 Live Webinar:  Bonus Answers To The FAQ’s From The Year
Time: 08/10/2023
During every live webinar you will receive handouts for you to be sure you have done everything to get ready for your retirement and our help on how to fill them all out. You will have the opportunity to ask us anything during the Q&A sessions and an opportunity to get on a consultation call with our Financial Advisors at no additional cost.

You will also receive access to the webinar recording.

This Opportunity Will End In One Week:

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Save More Than 30%
Allow Federal Employee Benefits Experts to guide you through critical areas of retirement planning. For a limited time, you can purchase 1 year's worth of content and four powerful online training classes for one low price.

Meet Your Instructors

Federal Employee Benefits Expert
Retire Federal - Tammy Flanagan & Associates 
Tammy Flanagan has spent 30 years helping federal employees take charge of their retirement by understanding their benefits. She specializes in a wide range of topics, such as the basics of the Federal Employee Retirement System (FERS), Strategies for Social Security, understanding the relationship between Medicare and federal health insurance and many more.
Certified Financial Planner
Shilanski & Associates
Micah Shilanski is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional who specializes in helping federal employees get the most out of their federal retirement benefits. Founder of - A website that helps thousands of Federal Employees understand their benefits and how those benefits fit into their financial plan.

Who Is This For

  • Federal Employees who don’t want to guess about whether or not they are ready to retire.
  • Federal Employees that want to maximize the benefits they worked their entire lives for. 
  • Federal Employees who do not want to go back to work after they have retired because they made common, critical mistakes.
Stop asking yourself, “Am I on track for retirement” - get the information you need to make confident decisions about retiring from Federal Service.

Get out of the cafeteria line! How many times have you had to piece mail your retirement information together from Human Resources, colleagues, insurance agents, financial advisors, and other self-proclaimed experts to come up with a clear picture of what retirement looks like? With Plan Your Federal Retirement, we look at all areas of your federal employee benefits and personal finances so you can see all the pieces at once.

Save More Than 30%
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