Plans mean nothing.  Planning means everything. 
We educate thousands of Federal Employees about their benefits and even more importantly HOW those benefits work with the rest of their financial planning.

The two concerns we hear the MOST from FEDs about to retire are:
  1. What am I missing? What didn't I think about or understand thoroughly enough?
  2. Am I doing everything right? I don't want to run out of money as a retiree or worse, be in my 60's or 70's and looking for a job.

If you are like most Federal Employees that we work with you want to feel educated and empowered about making the decision to retire from Federal Service. 
Our 8-week retirement program was designed for Federal Employees 
and based off of YEARS of feedback from Feds, Agencies and OPM alike.  
Your Questions, Answered.
This online retirement workshop is an 8-week program that I designed to guide federal employees through all the nitty-gritty details of planning their retirement. It covers everything from the US Federal Income Taxes to guidance with Long Term Care Insurance, TSP, Federal Employee Health Benefits, Estate Planning, Medicare, and a lot more.

Enrolling in this retirement workshop gives you access to a bunch of practical resources that will put the theory into practice. You will receive access to all the paperwork and filing instructions needed at every step, as well as financial calculators, and even a Live Group Q&A Call with me, your instructor.

Here’s what you can expect to learn in this 8-week 
online retirement class for FERS employees:
How to calculate your pension, accurately.  How to apply and when you will receive your pension when you retire.
You will discover actionable strategies that might help you reduce your income taxes over the next 30 and 40 years.
You will discover how your health insurance and Medicare work together and how you can keep your health benefits into your retirement.
You will discover what you can leave behind for your survivors. You are basically picking up the pieces so your spouse doesn’t have to when you pass.
How to make the right choice on the type of long term care you will need in retirement - what your benefits cover, what they don't and what your options are on the private sector.
Cash flow is king in retirement. In our course we are going to walk you through what you want, what you have and how to fill the gap if you can. This includes best strategies for Social Security too!
You will learn how to manage and use your TSP when you retire. This critical component is imperative to understand so that you do not make irreversible mistakes in retirement. 
Tax planning is not less important when you retire, we would argue it is even more important! Taxes can eat away at your purchasing power so we want to know what's your 20 year tax plan?
What Makes The Retirement Class Different 
Than Any Other Programs Out There?
It’s very likely this isn’t the first time you’ve thought about your retirement. You’ve probably grown more and more concerned about what’s going to happen with your finances when you will retire. 

"Should you use your TSP to pay off your mortgage so you don't have any real "debt" in retirement? "

"How does Medicare Work with FEHB; do you really need a supplement policy?"

"When is the right time to apply for Social Security, should I do it right away before Social Security runs out?"

You are not alone. We get these questions and others from Federal Employees all of the time. They are some of the most misunderstood topics that we hear and all too often, what Federal Employees have been told by co-workers, friends, or family members is NOT correct.

Don't take our word for it, find out for yourself when you enroll in our 8-week educational program for Federal Employees.

We feel confident that at least one time you will watch the program and say to yourself something like,

"Hmm... that isn't how I thought that worked."

"Wow, I didn't consider that."

We know how valuable our program is because we get feedback from Feds all of the time wishing that their agencies made the training mandatory for everyone. 

What’s included in the Online Retirement Class
This 8-week online program will guide you through all the nitty-gritty details of 
FERS to help you achieve the retirement of your dreams.
Week 1
During the first week we will show you how your Federal Retirement is going to look like. We will go through the Federal Retirement System Pension and Social Security benefits. You will be able to calculate the FERS Pension, know what to include in your pension and how much you can expect from your Social Security in retirement.

Week 2
Second week will cover the U.S. Federal Income Taxes. You will learn how to legally control your tax back in the future. We will also guide you through Long Term Care Insurance, Life Insurance and Thrift Savings Plan (TSP). You will learn what is the difference between all of them, how and which one to use in a particular situation.

Week 3
The third week is dedicated to everything about Federal Employee Health Benefits, Estate Planning and Medicare. You will be able to choose the best options when it comes to your health care for you and your loved ones. You will learn about carrying your FEHB into retirement for you and your spouse, how this program works with Medicare and whether you need to enroll in Medicare.

Week 4
Week four is all about navigating the nitty-gritty details of Estate Planning. You will be able to transfer your assets and you will know what factors can impact your heirs as you advance in age.

Week 5
Week five will guide you through one of the most important aspects of planning for your retirement: Risk Management. You will be able to absorb, reduce or transfer risk while working and during your retirement. You will know everything about life disability, Long Term Care and Medicare and how to weave all those insurances together.

Week 6
Week six addresses a big concern for federal employees: retirement income. Through guided training and resources you will learn how much income you need in retirement, where it is going to come from, how the first supplement on Social Security plan is going to look like and when you should put those in.

Week 7
Week seven focuses on investments and opportunities around non-TSP investments. Federal employee benefits are critical to your financial plan, but they should be only a part of your greater plan. You will learn what the horizons in your investments are, what you should look at while investing, how much should you be thinking about a cashbook, how much should be in bonds and how to invest in long-term equities.

Week 8
Week eight is dedicated to one of the most dreaded aspects of retirement and financial planning. After this week you will have the knowledge about tax laws, how to do your taxes alone and which bucket to draw your taxes from. You will be familiar with tax language and you will know what after tax, pre tax, raw IRA are.
Our goal with the Retirement Roadmap: FERS Fundamentals program is to help you understand how your benefits work *and* how they fit into the rest of your financial picture. 

Remember that federal retirement benefits are just one piece of your financial puzzle. The rest of the story involves how your benefit choices will impact the rest of your financial picture. Are you ready to start?
One-time payment. 12-months access

    Full 8-week Professionally Guided 
    Training on FERS Benefits

    Online Retirement Workshop Details
    8 WeEks training
    One-time payment. 12 months access.
      • Benefits Training on FERS Pension, Social Security, Federal Income Taxes, Long Term Care Insurance, Life Insurance and the Thrift Savings Plan (TSP), Federal Employee Health Benefits, Estate Planning and Medicare.
      • Financial Planning Training for Risk Management, Investments, Estate Planning, Life Insurance, Health Insurance, and LTC Insurance and Planning.
      • List of Paperwork & Filing Instructions Included for Every Step Of the Process.
      + Access to these bonuses
      Bonus 1 - Access to FERS calculators
      Bonus 2 - Special retirement paperwork video
      Bonus 3 - Q&A Video on TSP
      Bonus 4 - Live Group Q&A Call with Your Program Instructor
      Guarantee: If you're not happy for ANY reason in the first 6 months, 
      we'll refund 100% of the price you paid.
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